Name Title Phone Office
Mark Becker Associate Chair & Director of Undergraduate Education Psychology 285B
Kim Brown Undergraduate Office Staff Psychology 100
Brent Donnellan Department Chairperson Psychology 252C
Emily Durbin Associate Chair & Director of Graduate Education Psychology 224
Jessica Ferguson Office Services Staff Psychology 262
Erik Fusco Finance Administrator Psychology 240A
Audra Jeffrey Undergraduate Office Staff Psychology 100
Lisa Liu IT Staff Giltner 49
David McFarlane Systems Designer Giltner 305C
Mindy McLouth Psychological Clinical Secretary Psychology 151
Jan Reaume Contracts & Grants Administrator: Pre-Award Psychology 240B
Debbie Richards Department Administrator Psychology 240D
Brooke Rosek Graduate Program Assistant Psychology 240E
Nancy Russell Business Office Psychology 240C
Gary Schrock Systems Analyst/IT Support Psychology 314
Chip Shank PSY IT Supervisor / Security & Network Admin / Systems Programmer Psychology 312
Shari Stockmeyer Behavioral Neuroscience Secretary Giltner 108F
Kelly Washburn Office Services Staff Psychology 262
Jen Wood Editorial Assistant Psychology 340B