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Brad Verhulst vita

Assistant Professor

PhD, , Stony Brook University , 2010
MA, , Stony Brook University, 2010
BA, , University of Calgary, 2005

Research Statement

The goal of my research is to develop and refine statistical methods that can be used to analyze genetically informative data in order to better understand the etiology and epidemiology of psychological traits and psychiatric disorders.

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Selected Publications

  • Verhulst, B.
    A Power Calculator for the Classical Twin Design.
    2016, Behavior Genetics, 47:255-261
  • Verhulst, B., & Neale, M.C.
    Minor allele frequency changes the nature of genotype by environment interactions.
    2016, Behavior Genetics, 46:726-733
  • Verhulst, B., Maes, H.H., & Neale, M.C.
    GW-SEM: A Statistical Package to Conduct Genome-Wide Structural Equation Modeling.
    2017, Behavior Genetics, 47:345-359
  • Verhulst, B.
    In Defense of P-Values.
    2016, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Journal, 84:305-308
  • Levitan, L. & Verhulst, B.
    Conformity in Groups: The Effects of Others' Views on Expressed Attitudes and Attitude Change.
    2016, Political Behavior, 38:277-315.
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