William Davidson

University Distinguished Professor

PhD, , University of Illinois, 1976
MA, , University of Illinois, 1973
BA, , Grand Valley State University, 1969

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Selected Publications

  • Jimenz, T., Onifade, E., Davidson, W., & Hankins, S.
    Student experiences of the adolescent diversion project: A community based exemplar in the pedagogy of service-learning
    2010, American Journal of Community of Psychology, 46:442-458
  • Davidson, W. S., Petersen, J. & Winslow, M.
    University community engagement: The case of alternative interventions with juvenile offenders
    2010, Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 14:49-68
  • Dayton, C. J., Levendosky, A. A., Davidson, W. S., & Bogat, G. A
    The child as held in the mind of the mother: The influence of prenatal maternal representations on parenting behaviors
    2010, Infant Mental Health Journal, 31:221-244
  • Onifade, E., Davidson, W., & Campbell, C.
    Risk assessment: The predictive validity of the Youth Level of Service Case Management Inventory with African Americans and Girls
    2009, Journal of ethnicity in criminal justice, 7:205-221
  • Onifade, E., Nyandoro, A, Davidson, W. S., & Campbell, C.
    Truancy and patterns of criminogenic risk in a young offender population
    2009, Youth violence and juvenile justice, 16:1-19
  • Martinez-Torteya, C., Bogat, G. A., von Eye, A., Davidson, W. S., & Levendosky, A. A.
    Women's perceptions of the stressfulness of intimate partner violence predict depression and trauma symptoms
    2009, Violence and Victims, 16:707-722
  • Onifade, E., Davidson, W., Campbell, C., Turke, G., Malinowski, J., & Turner, K.
    Predicting recidivism in probationers with the youth level of service case management inventory
    2008, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 35:474-484
  • Onifade, E., Davidson, W., Livsey, S., Turke, G., Horton, C., Malinowski, J., Atkinson, D., and Wimberly, D.
    Risk assessment: Identifying patterns of risk in young offenders with the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory
    2008, Journal of Criminal Justice, 36:165-173
  • Thomas, O., Davidson, W. S., & McAdoo, H.M.
    An Evaluation Study of the Young Empowered Sisters (YES!) Program: Promoting Cultural Assets among African American Adolescent Girls through a Culturally Relevant School-Based Intervention
    2008, Journal of Black Psychology, 34:281-308
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