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Hiram Fitzgerald

University Distiguished Professor

PhD, Experimental Child Psychology, University of Denver, 1967
MA, Experimental Psychology, University of Denver, 1964
BS, Psychology, Biology, Lebanon Valley College, 1962

Research Statement

Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., is associate provost for university outreach and engagement and university distinguished professor of psychology, at Michigan State University. He has been involved with research on infants and young children since 1964, has been associated with the Michigan Longitudinal Study of Family Risk for Alcoholism over the Life Course for 30 years. He is a member of the steering committees of the Native Children’s Research Exchange, the Tribal Research Center for Early Childhood Education, and the national research team overseeing the Tribal Family and Children Experiences Survey. Fitzgerald’s major areas of research include the study of infant and family development in community contexts, the impact of fathers on early child development, implementation of systemic community models of organizational process and change, the etiology of alcoholism, and broad issues related to the scholarship of engagement.

Related Programs

Selected Publications

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