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Jennifer Watling Neal vita

Associate Professor

PhD, Psychology , University of Illinois at Chicago, 2008
MA, Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2004
BS, Psychology, University of Arizona, 2001
BA, Sociology, University of Arizona, 2001

Research Statement

My research focuses on (1) how public school educators acquire information about and decide to adopt social skills, health, and instructional programs (2) how teacher advice networks are associated with the adoption and use of classroom practices and (3) how children’s peer social networks are associated with their aggressive and prosocial behaviors. I also have expertise in social network analysis and have published several papers on the advancement of social network data collection and analytic methods. I often focus my work on urban and low-income elementary schools and have collected social network data in several public school districts. I am the recipient of the 2016 American Psychological Association Division 27 Early Career Award, and my research has appeared in journals such as Child Development, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  Sociology of Education, Social Development, Social Networks, Journal of Urban Affairs, and Journal of Early Adolescence  The National Institute of Mental Health, William T. Grant Foundation, and Spencer Foundation have funded my work.

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Related Programs

Selected Publications

  • Neal, J. W., Neal, Z. P., Mills, K. J., Lawlor, J. A., McAlindon, K.
    What types of brokerage bridge the research-practice gap? The case of public school educators
    2019, Social Networks, 59:41-49
  • Neal, J.W., Durbin, C.E., Gornik, A.E., & Lo, S.L.
    Co-development of preschoolers’ temperament traits and social play networks over an entire school year.
    2017, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 113:627-640
  • Neal, J.W., Neal, Z.P., & Cappella, E.
    Seeing and being seen: Predictors of accurate perceptions about classmates’ relationships.
    2016, Social Networks, 44:1-8
  • Neal, J. W. & Neal, Z. P.
    Implementation capital: Merging frameworks of implementation outcomes and social capital to support the use of evidence-based practices
    2019, Implementation Science, 14:16
  • Neal, J.W. & Neal, Z.P.
    Nested or networked? Future directions for ecological systems theory
    2013, Social Development, 22:722-737
  • Neal, Z.P., Neal, J.W., Lawlor, J.A., & Mills, K.J.
    Small worlds or worlds apart? Using network theory to understand the research-practice gap.
    2015, Psychosocial Intervention, 24:177-184
  • Neal, Z.P., & Neal, J.W.
    Network Analysis in Community Psychology: Looking Back, Looking Forward
    2017, American Journal of Community Psychology, 60:279-295
  • more publications