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PhD, Ecological Community Psychology, Michigan State University, 1988
MA, Ecological Community Psychology, Michigan State University, 1985
BA, Psychology, Michigan State University, 1982

Research Statement

Dr. Sullivan is Professor of Ecological/Community Psychology and Director of the Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence at Michigan State University (MSU). She is also a Senior Fellow of MSUs Office on Outreach and Engagement. In addition to her MSU appointments, Dr. Sullivan is the Chair of the Michigan Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board, and Senior Research Advisor to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Dr. Sullivan's areas of research expertise include conducting longitudinal, experimental evaluations of community interventions for abused women and their children, improving the community response to gender-based violence, and evaluating victim service programs. Her research has been continually funded since her career began in 1989 (including grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institute of Justice), and her work has impacted research, policy and practice. In addition to consulting for local, state, federal and international organizations and initiatives, Dr. Sullivan also conducts workshops on effectively advocating in the community for women with abusive partners, and their children; understanding the effects of domestic abuse on women and children over time; improving system responses to the problem of gender-based violence; and evaluating victim service agencies.

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Selected Publications

  • Kennedy, A., Adams, A., Bybee, D., Campbell, R., Pimlott Kubiak, S., & Sullivan, C.M.
    A model of sexually and physically victimized women’s process of obtaining effective formal help over time: The role of social location, context, and interventions
    2012, American Journal of Community Psychology, 50:217-228
  • Sullivan, C.M.
    Evaluating domestic violence support service programs: Waste of time, necessary evil, or opportunity for growth?
    2011, Journal of Aggression and Violent Behavior, 16:354-360
  • Nnawulezi, N., & Sullivan, C.M.
    Oppression within safe spaces: Exploring the presence of racial microaggressions within domestic violence shelters
    2014, Journal of Black Psychology, 40:563-591
  • Allen, N.E., Larsen, S., Trotter, J.L., & Sullivan, C.M.
    Exploring the core components of an evidence-based community advocacy program for women with abusive partners
    2013, Journal of Community Psychology, 41:1-18
  • Sullivan, C.M.
    Examining the work of domestic violence programs within a “social and emotional well-being promotion” conceptual framework
  • more publications