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Yu Ping Tang vita

Assistant Professor

PhD, Neuroscience-Psychology, Michigan State University, 1996
MA, Psychology, Michigan State University, 1991
BS, Psychology, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1985

Research Statement

My research interests focus on how steroid hormones influence the development of brain structures and behavior. Neonatal exposure of steroid hormones influences sex-specific brain development (formation, neurogenesis and apoptosis) and changes brain functions and behavior (e.g., learning and memory). However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone action in the brain still remain mostly unknown. In rodents, steroid hormones are critical for sexual differentiation of brain morphology and behavior during critical periods of development. Studies in the Australian songbird - zebra finches, suggest that in addition to steroid hormones, genes expression the development of sexual dimorphic song control nuclei. In zebra finches, only adult males sing and the song control nuclei are larger in males compared to females. Using cDNA microarray and in situ hybridization techniques, we identified several genes expressed highly in the forebrain of juvenile male zebra finches compared to females, and those sexually dimorphic genes were highly and specifically expressed in song control nuclei. Current research investigate (1) the development of song control nuclei under the manipulation of steroid hormones and genes expression, and (2) the effect of behavior (song learning and production) on brain plasticity.

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Selected Publications

  • Tang, Y.P. and Wade, J.
    Sex and age differences in brain derived neurotrophic factor and vimentin in the zebra finch song system: Relationships to newly generated cells
    2016, J. Comp. Neurol., 524:1081-1096
  • Tang, Y.P. and Wade, J.
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    2014, Neurosci. Lett., 583:26-31
  • Tang Y.P. and Wade J
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    2013, Neuroscience, 250:578-587
  • Tang Y.P. and Wade J.
    17ß-estradiol regulates the sexually dimorphic expression of BDNF and TrkB proteins in the song system of juvenile zebra finches
    2012, PLoS One, 7:(8):e43687
  • Tang Y.P. and Wade J
    Developmental changes in the sexually dimorphic expression of secretory carrier membrane protein 1 and its co-localisationwith androgen receptor protein in the zebra finch song system
    2011, J. Neuroendocrinol, 23:(7):584-90
  • Tang Y.P. and Wade J
    Sex- and age-related differences in ribosomal proteins L17 and L37, as well as androgen receptor protein, in the song control system of zebra finches
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  • Tang Y.P. and Wade J
    Effects of estradiol on incorporation of new cells in the developing zebra finch song system: potential relationship to expression of ribosomal proteins L17 and L37
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  • more publications