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Juli Wade vita

Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development

BA, Psychology, Cornell University, 1987
PhD, Psychology, University of Texas, 1992

Research Statement

Members of my lab seek to understand how structural and biochemical changes within the central nervous system regulate behavior. One effective method for investigating this topic is the exploitation of naturally occurring differences in behaviors. We have focused on courtship and copulatory displays because they are stereotyped, sexually differentiated, and in many species displayed seasonally. Therefore, we can evaluate mechanisms regulating behaviors within a sex in and out of the breeding season, as well as between the two sexes. We have investigated factors involved both in organizing critical regions of the brain, spinal cord and muscles during development, as well as those that confer varying levels of plasticity in adulthood.  Members of my lab have worked with two model systems, songbirds and anole lizards.  These species have the potential to not only increase understanding of the evolution of the processes regulating behavioral differences, which have commonly been studied in mammals, but also to address the ubiquity of the mechanisms employed in diverse situations.  Integrating work across multiple levels of analysis and appreciating the differences and similarities across diverse vertebrate systems facilitates our understanding of factors controlling nervous system structure and function.

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Selected Publications

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  • Kerver, H.N. and Wade, J.
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  • Lampen, J., Jones, K., McAuley, J.D., Chang, S.-E., and Wade, J.
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  • more publications