Diversity Opportunities

The Clinical Psychology Program at MSU is committed to understanding and promoting mental health in an increasingly diverse society. Our faculty and students believe that an enhanced understanding of all types of diversity is critical for the development of our individual students and faculty as clinical scientists and professionals in the field. Our program subscribes to an inclusive definition of diversity which includes race, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, disability, geographic region, and other significant reference groups.

Our commitment to diversity and multicultural training is a core value and strength of our clinical science training, as noted by the APA Accreditation Evaluators who noted that our diversity training was

“…unique to clinical programs across the nation and uncommonly dedicated to providing a multifaceted program addressing diversity concerns.” (APA Accreditation Site Team, 2007) 

Below, we highlight some of our faculty research on diversity issues and our program activities aimed at ensuring that diversity issues remain front and center as a core value of our program. Please note, however, that this list is not exhaustive, as many didactics and training activities on diversity and multicultural issues are included in our coursework and practica as well.

Policy Statement on the Importance of Psychologists Serving a Diverse Public

Research Highlights

The Diversity Committee

Admissions Interview Day Diversity and Student Life Panel

The Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research (CMPR)

MSU Project 60/50