​Overview - What Can I Do With an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology?

Approximately 62 percent of MSU PSY graduates go directly into the workforce with a bachelor's degree, while the other 38 percent go to graduate school or other continuing education (Destination Survey). Graduates can compete effectively with other students who obtained a general/liberal arts education, as well as those who opted for more specialized curricula. Academic performance as a psychology major and a student's willingness to prepare for a variety of career options will influence attractiveness to employers and eventual career placement. Preparing for the job market and then building to a career takes planning and effort over a long period of time. Students should take steps each semester, beginning in their freshman year, toward this end. Students should strive to incorporate a combination of coursework and experiential learning throughout their degree to gain: 

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  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Research methodology
  • Computer literacy
  • Work experience