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PSY 381 AND PSY 382 (9 - 15 cr. total) This course is designed for the student planning for a career working directly with people in need. It teaches students how to effectively help people in direct-service situations, whether through non-profit organizations (e.g., homeless shelters, domestic abuse programs, refugee services, foster care services) or government jobs (e.g., child protective services, foster care). The class uses lectures, discussions, guest speakers, videos, homework, in-class assignments, and tests to enhance your understanding of the material. Attendance is extremely important and will be strictly enforced. This course is a two-semester commitment (spring/summer) and students must agree to sign up for both semesters in order to be allowed into the course. 

Psychology Human Service Internship Brochure

Psychology Human Service Internship Application for Spring/Summer 2020


PSY 382 (3 - 12 cr.) In this course, students complete an internship related to Industrial/Organizational Psychology. As a prerequisite for the internship, students are required to complete PSY 255 so they have background knowledge of the factors relevant to improving organizational performance. Additionally, students are required to attend three orientation sessions prior to the summer internship. All academic assignments for the course are completed online. 

Psy 382 Business Psychology Internship Brochure

Business Internship Application (closes November 18, 2019)


PSY 382 (3-12 cr.) Whether students intend to start a career after graduation or attend graduate school, it is imperative that the students gain experience to make them more marketable in these arenas. This internship is for students who desire experience in an area related to the field of Psychology. This can be very broad because Psychology touches on many fields, but all areas need department approval to ensure they follow the goals of the program. 

Psychology General Internship Brochure

Psychology General Internship Application 


SSC 493 (3 - 12 crs.)   The College of Social Science offers an internship for credit course. This internship can be done in any semester.  There is a video and paperwork available on the College of Social Science website to help you learn more about this program.

Social Science Internship (SSC 493)