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Honors College members who wish to do a second major in Psychology have three options: a second degree (Honors), a second degree (Non-Honors) or consider Psychology as an additional major (Non-Honors).  It is important for interested students to meet with the Psychology Honors Faculty Advisor to determine the best option for them. 

Second Degree

The second degree requires that students complete a minimum of 30 credits beyond their first degree to graduate. This is typically a minimum of 150 total credits. Second Degree candidates must satisfy the College of Social Science requirements in addition to the Department of Psychology requirements. 

Honors Second Degree
Students have to complete 10 honors courses instead of 8 as required for a single degree. In addition to the 2 additional honors courses, students wishing their second degree to be designated as Honors will also be required to complete the Psychology Honors Capstone Experience

Non-Honors Second Degree
Students who complete a non-honors second degree will not need to complete the 2 additional honors courses and also will not be required to complete the Psychology Honors Capstone Experience

Additional Major

Students who complete Psychology as an additional major must satisfy the Psychology Departmental (but not the College of Social Science) requirements of 31 credits. Additional majors do not complete the Psychology Honors Capstone Experience and can graduate with the minimum of 120 total credits if all requirements are satisfied for the student's first degree and the additional major.