​Option B: In-depth Experience in Lab or Field Research

Option B: In-depth Experience in Lab or Field Research  

Overview  Option B provides students with an opportunity to obtain a capstone experience in psychology that is not data driven as required in Option A. Option B is particularly relevant for students who do not intend to go on for a Ph.D. in psychology.  

Plan B Options The Plan B Option (non thesis) requires an in-depth paper in the form of a psychology relevant review article (~20 to 25 pages) related to research or a practical experience that is conducted in a lab or field setting. Internship, research, field experience and research while on study abroad are all possible experiences that could be approved. Regardless of which of these options are chosen, the student is required to sign up for PSY 492H and complete an in-depth research based paper after the practical experience is complete. The paper would be a literature review/critique in an area relevant to an important issue in the field of psychology related to the practical experience or research.   

Plan B Process The student must first determine which option to pursue. Most of these experiences require instructor approval so the student will need to plan ahead. Once accepted into the practical experience, the student will need to set up a time to meet with their Psychology Honors Faculty Advisor to set up a plan and gain approval of their topic. The student will also need to identify a Psychology faculty member to serve as the Capstone advisor and will assist with the Option B Paper. Once the practical experience is complete, the student will work with the approved Capstone Advisor and the Psychology Faculty Honors Advisor to complete the Option B paper. The paper would be evaluated to make sure articles included are relevant to the problem being investigated in the lab or field experience and the issues are clearly explained and conclusions reached about future research needs. The Option B PSY 492H course should follow the practical/research experience. Once the paper is completed and the faculty member in charge agrees that the paper is satisfactory, the student must complete the Option B Completion Form and send the form and a copy of the paper to the Psychology Honors Faculty Advisor for final approval. 

The key steps in the process are then as follows:

1.    Talk to your Psychology Honors Faculty Advisor before your junior year regarding whether the honors thesis or option b capstone experience is right for you.

2.    Apply for your practical experience or research and identify possible Psychology faculty to serve as your Capstone Advisor.

3.    Work with your Psychology Honors Faculty Advisor and your approved Capstone Advisor to gain approval for your practical experience and determine the topic for your research based paper.

4.    After your practical experience, sign up for PSY 492H and begin looking for 20 to 25 relevant empirical articles and chapters for your topic and provide that reference list to your advisors

5.    Write 2 to 3 page summary of each article that provides information on what the purpose of the research paper was, the methods used, the results found, and the limitations of the research and provide them to your advisor for comments.

6.    Once the summaries are approved, write an integrative research based paper from those summaries and provide the integrative review to your Capstone Advisor for comments and revisions to be made.

7.    Complete final draft of paper and have your Capstone Advisor sign off that the capstone experience has been completed on the Completion Form. Turn this in to your Psychology Honors Faculty Advisor for final approval. 

Graduating with Honors in Psychology Through a Plan B Option Honors students are required by the Honors College to complete 7 honors courses beyond this capstone experience. Do not sign up for Psychology 498H or 499H as these Honors Courses are for those doing a Research Thesis (Option A).  

Approval Forms for Option B Students must declare that they intend to complete Option B by filling out the Application Form. Once the requirements for the Option B plan have been completed, students must file the Completion Form and include a copy of their paper. 

Application Form 

Completion Form