​Bachelor of Arts (BA) vs. Bachelor of Science (BS) 

Students can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Psychology. When choosing a degree, they should always start with what they are most interested in. If students have always had an interest in science and math, they will most likely complete the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. If they have always been successful at writing, enjoy the humanities, and like learning about people and cultures, they will probably want to pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It seems easy, but many students fall somewhere in the middle. 

Many students ask which is better for jobs and graduate school. There is not one good answer for everyone. The answer depends on the strength of the student in each of the areas. Some think that the BS is the only way to graduate school, but if the student earns low grades in those courses, they may significantly hurt the chances for admission into any graduate program or job. If a future graduate program does not require or recommend those courses, the student may have lowered their GPA for no reason. 

Most graduate programs want a diversity of courses. They also want students to show that they can do well in challenging courses. This can be done through either the BA or the BS degree in Psychology. It is also important to look ahead to see what courses are recommended by the graduate programs of interest. If the programs and courses are more scientific in nature, the BS degree will probably be the best fit. 

The best way for a students to determine which degree is best for them is by meeting with a Psychology advisor or talking with faculty in the specific areas of interests.