The Department of Psychology provides relevant courses for many undergraduate students. Students in a variety of majors elect to complement their education, and improve the understanding of self and others, by completing course work in Psychology. Students who major in Psychology should expect to receive a general/liberal education. Psychology students take the introductory course, sample basic sub-disciplinary courses, and receive training in methods and data analysis. The specific Psychology degree requirements can be found in the Psychology Handbook.

Psychology and MSU campus-wide course descriptions are available in the Description of Courses catalog.

To locate when and where courses are offered, the Schedule of Courses is very helpful. This is also the system students use to sign up for their courses.

Information about Psychology On-line courses including dates, courses offered, and how to sign up.

The Psychology Department posts all of the course syllabi on-line at the beginning of each semester.  Syllabi from previous semesters can also be found here.

This form is for students who have taken or plan to take a Psychology course at another institution AND the course is not listed on the MSU Transfer credit system (

On occasion, overrides are given to students needing a course that is full. Every department on campus takes care of their own overrides, so the Psychology Department cannot give overrides for courses outside of Psychology. Students requesting an override should print off the Psychology Override Form and take it to the instructor of the course. The signed form can be returned to 100 Psychology for the override to be processed. Students will then still need to enroll in the course. If permission for the override has taken place via MSU e-mail, please forward the e-mail from the instructor to Audra Jeffrey or Kim Brown along with the student's name, semester taking course, course number and section, and the student's major. 

This link is for students who are interested in learning more about the PSY 493 Special Topics section topics.  PSY 493 has a very general description since it is for a special topics course but faculty offer more details at this link.