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Summer Session I: May 13, 2019 to June 27, 2019

  •  PSY 101- Introductory Psychology
  •  PSY 200- Cognitive Psychology
  •  PSY 209- Brain and Behavior
  •  PSY 235- Social Psychology
  •  PSY 244- Developmental Psychology: Infancy Through Childhood
  •  PSY 270- Community Psychology
  •  PSY 280- Abnormal Psychology
  •  PSY 316- Child and Domestic Violence
  •  PSY 317- Sexual Assault
  •  PSY 320- Health Psychology
  •  PSY 424- Child and Family Psychopathology
  •  ISS 318- Lifespan Development Across Cultures (will be taught through the Psychology Department)

    Summer Session II: July 1, 2019 to August 15, 2019

    •  PSY 101- Introductory Psychology
    •  PSY 236- Personality
    •  PSY 295- Data Analysis in Psychological Research
    •  PSY 316- Child and Domestic Violence
    •  PSY 317- Sexual Assault
    •  PSY 320- Health Psychology
    •  PSY 493- Special Issues (W) - Topic: Intro to Theory, Practice and Reseach Concerning Child Maltreatment
    • This online course focuses on child maltreatment and provides a broad introduction to its history, the legal framework, interventions, and other pertinent issues (e.g., child advocacy). Theory, research, and practice regarding child maltreatment, including controversies in the field, empirically-validated treatments, and future directions will be covered. The course will pay particular attention to children with disabilities as well as issues relevant to the State of Michigan.

    Full Summer Session: May 14, 2018 to August 16, 2018

    •  PSY 382- Internship in Psychology

     Tips for taking On-Line Classes 

    Register for Undergraduate Online Courses

    In order to take an Online course, you must either be an Undergraduate at Michigan State University or you must take the course through Lifelong Education.  Below are links to the relevant sites to register.  If you are not currently an MSU student, registration will get you an MSU ID that you will need to access the D2L websites described below which are associated with the Online courses.

    Registration for current MSU students

    Registration if you are not an MSU student     Once at this site click on "online Lifelong Education Application".  When the next window appears choose "Lifelong" from the second drop down list.  Then click on "I am ready to apply using the Web". 

    Schedule of Courses      This includes information about the courses offered and the sessions in which they are offered.  Centered across the top is a drop down menu.  Look for “Search Semester” next to the menu and choose "Summer 2018". 

    Get Ready for Your Online Courses- Steps to Follow

    In a traditional course, the class usually begins when students go to a local bookstore to buy their textbooks and then to a classroom on the first scheduled day of class and receive a syllabus, an introduction to the course by the instructor, etc.  The "electronic classroom" for an Online course at Michigan State University is a website in a course management system called Desire2Learn.  Psychology courses will be taught through D2L. To enter the D2L website you will have to have an MSU ID.  Once you have your MSU ID and can enter the D2L website you will have access to your on-line courses.   Book information can be found on the Schedule of Courses. Click the section number of the course you have enrolled in. It will help you identify needed books and important dates.

    1)  Get an MSU NetID. Current MSU students have them already.  The NetID is used by MSU to provide access to the central email system and many other services on campus.  An MSU NetID is a unique, alphanumeric identifier of two to eight characters and is generated automatically from the user's name (and is the portion of your e-mail address before the @).  To learn more about how to get your MSU NetID or how to use it go to:https://netid.msu.edu/. 2) Log into D2L - Have your MSU Net ID and password.   If you have forgotten your MSU NetID password, please go to:https://netid.msu.edu/.  If you are a registered student and have a problem accessing D2L, please contact the help desk at 1 -800-500-1554 (North America and Hawaii) Local: 355-2345 (area code 517). To log into D2L go to: http://d2l.msu.edu


    3) Access Your Online Psychology course

    The OPENING DATES of your classes will be

    Session One and Full Session:  May 14, 2018 Session Two:  July 2, 2018

    In order to enter your Desire2Learn course, log in to D2L. Once you log in you will be at "My Home" page. This shows all your D2L Courses. Navigate to your summer online course by clicking the name of the course offering. Courses are shown by semester in reverse chronological order. There is a "pin" function to keep any courses that you want on the top of the list. These courses will have an orientation that will be completed in order to view the course content.