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In many cases, it is possible to add more than just academic courses or a single degree on an MSU transcript. There are opportunities for minors, additional majors, and second degrees. Some of these can be completed within the required 120 credits, and others will add additional credits.

  • Additional Major

    An option available to psychology majors is completing an additional major in another discipline. An additional major is listed on a final transcript. This does not award an additional diploma. Most disciplines offer an additional major, though the requirements for each can be very different. Most additional majors range between 24 - 60 credits. For more information and to sign up, please contact the academic advisor in the area of interest. 

  • Second Degree

    Second degrees are available for students wanting two diplomas. The University requires students pursuing a second degree to complete a minimum of 30 credits beyond their first degree. Department and college-level requirements are usually required. A second degree can be added by meeting with an advisor in the area of interest. 

  • Minor

    A minor is listed on a final transcript. A list of minors is available on the MSU website in the Academic Programs Catalog.   Some minors are interdisciplinary and some have courses all in one department.  To sign up for a minor, please contact the academic advisor in the area of interest.